What sets us apart?

Building capability to effect constructive, enduring
change in a rapidly moving, borderless world.

The ways in which government, business and civil society intersect are changing.  So too are the processes and motivations. Iron Duke Partners understands where the debates, shifts and decisions are taking place.  Importantly, we impart this valuable knowledge and high-level understanding to our clients.

But we take it much further. The goal is to build the capabilities of our clients to effect meaningful and constructive change across both the public and private sectors. While keeping public policy, and the resulting benefits for citizens and their communities at the core, we help our clients determine what they are for, and why, rather than what they are against. 

We assist clients to navigate public policy and often complex related matters to arrive at solid, actionable strategies. We deal with cross-border issues at the highest level.

We are a distinctly New Zealand Company operating in the global arena.