What we do

We put good public policy outcomes at the core.

We facilitate informed discussion and provide intelligent insights to ensure that public policy outcomes truly benefit citizens.

Our advice is geared towards developing, negotiating and implementing carefully considered public policy that is robust and results-focused.

Our expertise is in aligning public policy debates and discussions across often diverse business and political landscapes and making sure the outcomes are always in the interests of people and their communities.

Public Policy Advisory

We build the long-term capability of our clients to successfully engage in and influence public policy debates and processes in New Zealand and around the world.

  • Client and issue diagnosis
  • Capability building
  • Strategy, execution and measurement
  • Network building

Issues and Projects

We work on complex issues and projects in the public and private sectors where clients want the best public policy outcomes. Our goal is to build insights, consensus and actionable strategies that make a difference to our clients and the communities they serve.

Global Insights

We build the capacity of our clients to understand and navigate global trends and public policy then explore the best actions to take locally and globally. We interrogate trends and emerging issues from around the world and assess the specific consequences for New Zealand and
our clients.

Building Strategic Connections

We work with individuals, small groups and large organisations all over the world who are seeking a mutually beneficial engagement with New Zealand. We have far-reaching business and political network.  We utilise our connections to help our clients:

  • Build their Knowledge.
  • Increase their understanding about public policy and how they can contribute.
  • Explore¬†specific business issues.
  • Enter new networks and build their own connections.