• Governments and regulators are changing and so is the debate. Those in tune with the global shift will be first to identify the opportunities.

  • It’s easy to stand against things. Have you worked out what you stand for?

  • Constructively engaging in public policy needs to be a core competency, not a black box.

  • When engagement is planned, purposeful and consistent, meaningful progress will follow.

  • Prepare
    for success

Iron Duke

Planning, insights and considered action

The Duke of Wellington, ‘The Iron Duke’, is one of history’s most revered military heroes, leading his troops to victory at the Battle of Waterloo. His mount for 17 continuous hours that day was Copenhagen. The two formed a trusted partnership – resolute, agile and prepared.

Iron Duke Partners takes those same characteristics into the domain of public policy and complex projects. We are a team of respected and highly skilled business people operating in the regulatory arena, from the local to the global, building the capability of our clients to effect enduring, constructive change.